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Tongue diagnosis chart

Tongue diagnosis chart

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A Tongue Health Diagnosis will help you keep on top of what is going on internally. We have lots of charts and Pinnable information. Watch the video too. 22 Oct While tongue diagnosis can be used for acupuncture, it is of particular importance for determining the proper Chart from Acumedic: Clinic. 16 Mar How To Read Your Tongue For 3 Key Signs Of Health. Red Tip. The tip of the tongue corresponds to the "Heart" organ system in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thick Coating. The coating of your tongue is said to be like the steam that rises from the digestive process. Teeth Marks. Teeth marks on the sides of your tongue.

The appearance and qualities of the tongue is a critical part of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is especially important in confirming the TCM diagnosis. Tongue Body Shape - Tongue Body Features - Tongue Coating. 2 Jul In Ayurveda, one of the primary investigative tools of practitioners for determining the state of one's health is tongue diagnosis or evaluation of. A Reddish-Purple tongue body colour usually indicates Blood stasis deriving from or associated with Heat The pulse and the symptoms can tell us this.

2 Jun Tongue diagnosis help to understand the totality of health and disease by observing the tongue size, shape, contour, surface, margins and. 28 Oct In this article I am going to share with you knowledge about tongue diagnosis. It will be a very interesting topic for you to understand how the. 13 May Free online tongue diagnosis self-test that enables one to assess one's health in the same way as does a practitioner of traditional Chinese. What does your tongue tell you about your health? Is it thick or thin? What color is it? Are there cracks and fissures? A coating? What color is the coating?. A pale tongue that is swollen with scalloped edges indicates dampness within the body. This tongue is often associated with symptoms like loose stools, bloating.

25 Apr Your tongue color and overall tongue health can reveal a lot about you. of a tongue color chart with key symptoms and the meaning of tongue. by Dr S Ajit An invaluable aid to tongue diagnosis, this chart contains nearly 40 photographs showing how the tongue can be used to diagnosis disease. 20 Jan - 10 min - Uploaded by ci4tcm Video about Tongue Diagnosis. For more information on well-being please visit http://www. Tongue diagnosis is an important method used in Chinese medicine to understand the health of a patient.

24 Oct Tongue diagnosis is an information-rich glimpse into your health for For an example on the tongue chart above, see the last tongue on the. CLICK HERE to Download our Basic Tongue Chart. Your tongue reveals a great deal about the state of your health. To the trained eye it is a wealth of. What is Tongue Diagnosis? ○ Inspection of Tongue. – An important part of inspection diagnosis in. TCM. – A diagnostic method by means of observing the. 3 Aug Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis The tongue, according to Ayurveda, is a strong diagnostic tool for looking at one's systemic health. It is a very.


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