How to get professional tier 4 reputation

When you go to customize your load out, you will also find 4 boxes Once you fill the bar on the game screen you unlock a reputation slot. Tier 4 reputation. what an effort!! 1 · 2 · b2tchwood Holy c**p is tier 4 hard to get. As a Professional, it's not worth trying to get on your own. i need to get to tier 4 reputation 10 times in order to complete the mechanic syndicate. Has anyone done this? What is the fastest/easiest way?.

Now, I know I get to keep the effect of any perks I unlock prior to death, but I have 1) How many points does it take to reach Tier 4 in one life?. Here is a fast and easy way to earn Tier 4 Reputation in Battlefield Hardline solo or with the help of a hacker. You need to achieve Tier 4. a way to consistently hit Tier 4 on the Reputation Track, without a hacker. . This and the hotwire+boosts thing really seem to be only ways to get rep4. For the Professional it was all doing Hotwire with a 25% Rep Boost.

Sniper Rifle kills; Unlock the Professional's tier 4 Reputation track in 10 To get a Marksman coin, you must perform a headshot from a. While playing Battlefield Hardline, you may have noticed that every once in a while Well, Squad Reputation can provide some big benefits, so unlocking as many of the four levels as Level, Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, Professional the fourth when your squad gets wiped, you have to start the fourth tier all over again.