How to install an aftermarket horn button

The single wire button will require only one wire connection, which will be a hot ( positive) wire to the fuse block or to original horn wire in the horn wiring loom. Hello! I have an extra car horn and I need to install it into my car alongside my other horn, and I have no idea how to wire it! Here is what I have. I remember unhooking the horn wire from the wiring block where the he installed an aftermarket turn signal switch for me a few years ago.

Buy Horn Button Switch with Wire Kit: Accessories & Compressors Carbon Antique Classic Car Hot Rod Oooga Ahooga with Installation Wire Kit and Button . ordered this for my aftermarket horn. to make the button work you have 2 screws. you may want to test the horn to see if its ok you may not have a bad switch you may have a bad horn.