How to make palkova sweet

palkova recipe, how to make palkova with milk, palgova recipe with from evaporating the full cream milk. traditional sweet recipe mainly hails. Paalkova - How to make Palkova / Milk Sweet is a South Indian sweet made for festivals and other occasions with milk and sugar by thickening. I love making indian sweets at home and palkova recipe is one such sweet which I have grown up with. My dad always buys palkova whenever.

Palkova Recipe is a tasty indian sweet recipe made with milk, sugar and ghee. Palkova is a very easy recipe that any one can make at home. I don't remember I properly have tried making palkova at home. I am not a big Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Sweet Prep Time: 0. A super quick recipe for the traditional Southern Indian sweet dish of Palkova or Pal Therattipal, made in the microwave with just two.

I always have a special corner for most delicious palkova (milk sweet) and I have been thinking to make this for a while, then I thought, why not I try this one!.