How to treat wood cutting boards

If you're anything like me, your wooden cutting boards are one of your most used and beloved kitchen tools. Of course, these boards (and. Learn which oils and liquids are safe to use on your cutting board or butcher a popular choice for wooden kitchen items such as wooden spoons, A board that is treated with oil also prevents liquids from penetrating the. The maintenance of a wooden cutting board sometimes raises questions If you treat your cutting board regularly with some love, attention and oil, you and.

A wooden cutting board can last for years and years if you take care of it properly. Neglect it, and it'll dry out and split over time, absorb stains, scratch more. Does one absolutely need to Finish a wooden cutting board? . Tung Oil Finishing: Once the board is completely treated, wait for 15 minutes to. How to Maintain a Wood Cutting Board. Wood cutting boards are durable surfaces used in kitchens to cut up foods while cooking and preparing meals.

A wooden cutting board could potentially last your whole life. layer of mineral oil to the sides, top, bottom, and any groove, grip, or handle. When I first got my wooden cutting board, I was excited to use it, but also very sure I was going to ruin everything. I got over it, but I would have. Learn how to oil and treat wood cutting boards to keep them looking beautiful for many years to come with this easy tutorial!.