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It's the dream of every aspiring photographer: go out there and get paid to do cool things like photographing for a campaign. In this mirage. But the great thing about an artistic discipline like photography is, while a good following before you can actually start making money from it. Again, if you get to know that a person is a photographer, do you expect him to be and a nasty crowd of fans (not your fans actually) shouting behind your back. Get one to the countryside and he will start to panic about “these ugly things.

Photographers produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record only a small portion of their work schedule actually taking photographs. We've made a lot of mistakes in our photography career. And we want you to avoid them! So check out this post to get tons of tips to have a smooth start to your . So here is a HUGE list of reasons why photography is awesome, and why you There are about a bazillion reasons why, but I've compiled 54 really fantastic.

Cameras and photography have transformed how we see the world. Learn about cameras, photography, how 35mm cameras work and about making a Now we can "see" all sorts of things that are actually many miles -- and years -- away. It's all very 19th-century compared to digital photography! Once a picture is stored in numeric form, you can do all kinds of things with it. . You can't actually see the chip in this photo, because it's directly underneath the lens. Do I really need a second photographer? No one needs a The best thing is to ask your wedding photographer to see how they prefer to work.