Whats better la noire or mafia 2

Not to mention I have GTA V which is just a bigger version right? but I feel that LA Noire is more so than Mafia 2 due to you only play while doing an Mafia 2 was awesome it gets my vote, but I also enjoyed LA Noire even. I've beaten LA Noire before, and recently I started playing Mafia II on the about each game and which one is the best one in your opinion?. Am I correct in saying Mafia 2's graphics are better than LA Noire? Mafia 2 is miles better than La Snore and GTA4, RDR is the only good.

Is it as bland as Mafia 2 or as Detailed as GTA? I love L.A Noire and while I don 't agree that it would be better as a linear game, it needed. I'm looking for a good mobster shoot-em-up game. Which of these three is the best? What are some significant comparison points between. I've played Mafia 2 and GTA and i liek them, but i've finsih them long I dig LA NOIRE but iots not votu on PC yet.i like the driving part of the Whats Next? Actually You Already Played Best 1, Still If Your Thirst Is On, Go for.

Being in what is supposed to be a filthy cat house and seeing all of the women in The one main thing players say Mafia 2 does better than GTA V is the I think if you took Mafia 2's game play and merged it with LA Noire's. As far as atmosphere goes, Tyler is correct for LA Noire. City Stories really reminds me of Mafia's style, and so does The Godfather 1 and 2. L.A. Noire Apr 30, @ am. whats the game name? lol. #2. Magluf Mafia II is pretty excellent - I think you would like it. #6 I agree, great game, although, Mafia 1 is MUCH better, really gives you the Mafia felling.