How to automatically open tabs in chrome

Chrome allows you to open multiple web pages on start up. Close and restart Chromeand the URLs your entered should open automatically. Is your Google Chrome automatically opening new tabs that are redirected to spam or advertisement sites? Follow these instructions to solve. However, you can configure Chrome to load a group of tabs upon starting the browser instead. For example, you can open your email, business website and a .

Your startup page is the one that shows when. Have a new tab open Below " Show Home button," choose to use the New Tab page or a custom page. Random new tabs open on chrome, usually about every 40~ I start Google Chrome, a tab for opens automatically along with the. If it is like that then it seems that your browser has been attacked by some unwanted PUP's so please try the anti-malware tools below and see.

Well, with a few cool extensions, you can close those tabs right now and set them to auto-open at a later time. Apps are slowly gearing towards. How to fix Chrome if it keeps on opening new tabs Unwanted sites open automatically in Google Chrome – According to users, unwanted.