How to predict height yahoo answers

The closer you are to final height (by virtue of your age or the finding of closed growth plates on X-rays), the better these formulas predict height. Sometimes it depends on your parents' height and your gender. But telling by the info provided, I'd say about 5'5. Sometimes people don't grow. You might be at your adult height now, or you might get to 6'. I met my husband when he was 18 years old and 6'3" but he still grew after that.

im a late bloomer too(not as late as you), i started puberty when i was 14 but things have been slow although i am 5'9" at 16 i still have inches in height to . His height could be your final height. You will be whatever the gene pack determines that you inherited from your parents. Be sure to get lots of. Any more that is a small shoe size for a guy. Feet are getting larger with each generation. Your feet may be larger than your dad's and you still.

you can go to the doc and they can show you the growth chart they have on them and they can estimate how tall they will be. but as a short. Women stop growing usually at age 18, but it can last until However after age 13 it slows to a trickle. I predict an adult height of 5'5" for you. Growth plates in your bones (they can be seen on an X-ray) and genetics. Without your detail, doctor can neither determine if you can grow any more nor predict your height punctually. Grow-tall Doctor has to consider.