How to build credibility with your audience

(To learn how to establish credibility within the first 60 seconds and get your message across with laser-like focus, download my free cheat. Your credibility as a speaker is so critical that if you don't have it -- if the audience doesn't find you credible -- you might as well stop speaking. But here's the thing: your audience has to buy into you and your message if you want to build influence. You need to establish your credibility if..

How to thin out oil paint

The main concern with oil paint tends to be how to thin the paints and understanding the various mediums out there to help you do so. If you're. Thinned oil paint can also be used on top of different colors in your painting to of oil painting and use thicker paints on bottom layers, the top layer can dry out. Process You can thin oil-based paints yourself, but take more care in doing it.

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