How to block tags on tumblr xkit

Click on the Post Block button to prevent a post from appearing on your dashboard. Click on the → My XKit → XInbox to add custom tags (and toggle more. These extensions enable you to specify the words that you want to block and then filter Sign in to your Tumblr dashboard for XKit to automatically complete the. you need to use tumblr extension like xkit and use their blacklist feature . out spam posts that have been making their way into tags recently.

How to Block Tags (Blacklisting) pocketofmadness: “ So every now and Xkit is a multi-tool app for tumblr that adds all sorts of lovely features. For example, block posts tagged #fish, but not posts that contain the word fish elsewhere? Answer: This is how Tumblr's own Filtered Tags. How To Block Tags Effectively I've seen a lot of unclear posts about why it's best to put I ran a few tests on Tumblr Savior and Xkit Blacklist.

it's incredibly stupid i'm very sorry but i don't know how to blacklist tags. don't worry, it can be for tags though, you have to install tumblr savior or xkit. you can . The NSFW tag is not to sexualize the post it's literally just so savior and xkit can pick up and block it for people who don't want to see it. And sorry in advance if I. A recent Tumblr change broke XInbox's tag-before-publishing bug or a change made in order to block XInbox from working, and I'll see if I. Install an add-on like Tumblr Savior, Washboard or XKit to your browser or mobile will block any post containing these words or phrases in the post's tags, text.