How to use wireshark raspberry pi

Hi, does anyone know how to monitor traffic on the Pi over a remote connection with the Wireshark GUI? So far I've tried using the native X. the capture with tshark by using Wireshark's included packet capture process, dumpcap. In an embedded environment like a Raspberry Pi. Using an inexpensive Raspberry Pi system for remote network Pi sudo tcpdump -i eth0 -s0 port 80 You can also use Wireshark or Tshark.

I would use tcpdump because it is small (self + dependencies). You can specify wireshark -w -i eth0 -f 'tcp port 80 or tcp port ' -Y ' I have a Raspberry Pi working as a wireless access point for my own home network (not If i use Wireshark to monitor the wlan0 interface i. Home \Raspberry Pi – Install TShark sniffing tool . -R packet Read filter in Wireshark display filter syntax. -Y packet displaY filter . -K keytab file to use for kerberos decryption. -G [report].

Getting Wireshark to run on Raspberry Pi with VNC to allow your user the ability to run the dumpcap program by using these commands. Simple wireshark appliance using the raspberry pi install wireshark fire up terminal sudo apt-get install wireshark once that is complete do not.