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Wholesale beef prime meat. USDA Prime Beef There are products. USDA Prime Beef Dry Aged Rib USDA PRIME BLACK ANGUS. $ Juicy and tender with a great flavor, our selection of prime steak has it all in every bite. Discover a world of Order USDA Prime beef online by Allen Brothers. Prime is defined by its juicy and flavorful marbling found only in the top 2% of all US Beef. This Ribeye has all these attributes in addition to being the most.

Prime Beef is the highest Grading standard awarded by the USDA, given to only 1- 2% of all American beef. Characterized by higher intramuscular marbling. at Costco. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Beef products. Chicago Steak Company USDA Prime Dry Aged Boneless Ribeyes 16 oz, 8- count. THE TOP 2% OF HIGH PRIME. Of all the beef produced in the U.S., only 2% is certified prime grade by the USDA. From that small amount, the Lobels choose.

Bring the best USDA prime dryaged steaks to your home. Less than 3% of All Steaks in the US Market are Certified USDA Prime Beef; Marbling is highly abundant allowing for extremely tender and flavorful taste. When it comes to buying premium steaks, pork cuts, sausages, or seafood in bulk , look no further than The Texas Steak Warehouse! Many of our customers are. Prime beef is our passion, and delivering you the highest quality USDA prime steak is our promise. Click to learn more about our beef and how we can serve you.