Foot cracks when rotated

Does your ankle make a “popping” noise when you rotate it in circles? While it may seem like a fun trick to show your friends, it can lead to a. The instep of my left foot makes a popping sound when I walk. Cracking or popping sounds in the feet can either be a benign symptom or they can be a symptom of having damaged certain structures in the feet or ankles. Sometimes, the sound results from small bones in the foot moving. We've all experienced it: Knees that snap when we stand up, a neck that cracks when we turn our head and ankles that pop when we rotate.

A friend of mine mentioned that her feet and toes make these loud cracking noises when she walks, and I said, "OMG, me too!" Suddenly I had. It is more common to hear cracking when you stretch or roll your foot. Pops and cracks are normal in this case because the motions require the bones and. Do you often find that your feet crack and pop when you're walking? Are you concerned about what the noises could mean? In most cases.

Many of our patients ask about popping noises that come from joints. with their foot to rotate the ankle and sure enough a pop will occur. Ankles pop for many reasons, but one of the most common is because of an ankle injury. Ankle injuries are common, the most common being. Please read 'how the foot and ankles work' and 'foot and ankle symptoms' Clicking or crunching in the ankles or feet can be caused by a number of things.