What does mel bicho mio means what

Bicho. Saying something about somebody's mom and that they are a Bitch. Top definition. Mama Mel Back windows say MAMA MEL BICHO." -Chip Da. for puerto ricans it means dick. you "why did my wife of me "is cus i pulled out ma fat puerto rican bicho, sorry." by EL GRANDE BICHO September 09, Translate El bicho mio. The Bug Mio Explore the translation word-by-word. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation.

(maligna, persona). nasty piece of work informal. nasty character informal. mean son of a bitch US slang. el pobre chico es un bicho — the poor guy is so ugly . The Puerto Rican Spanish slang words Bicho, Bicha, Bichería and Bichote might look similar but the are not. Check out what they mean. It's all because of the complicated translation of the word bicho in One week from today, on March 12th, I will be going to Puerto Rico!.

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