What spice is mace like

Side note: Other than the name, there's no relationship between mace the spice and mace the pepper spray used as a self-defense weapon. This lacy aril, which is red, is removed by hand from the outer shell of the nutmeg and then dried, becoming a yellowish-brown spice. Mace's flavor is described as a combination of cinnamon and pepper and a more pungent version of nutmeg. It is botanically known as Myristica. Mace doesn't get much love anymore, which is a big shame. In the golden age of the spice trade, mace strode across the skin of the world just like its cousin.

In flavor, mace is very similar to nutmeg, though more subtle and delicate. It's often used in spice blends for flavoring meat dishes, stews. Mace is a spice that is part of the nutmeg fruit - mace is the lacy coating Vinegar As A Substitute For Fabric Softener Recipes you might like. Adhering closely to this nutmeg kernel is crimson-red, lacy or thread like arils known as mace spice. This mace aril is then carefully peeled off nutmeng kernel; .

The taste between nutmeg and mace is slightly different with mace being more pungent and spicier, similar to the combination of cinnamon and. This is the lacy outer layer (or 'aril') that covers the nutmeg, a nut-like seed of Mace is sold either in blades or ground. Chocolate, orange and spice fondue. An aromatic golden brown spice obtained from the dried aril (net-like sheath) which covers the Nutmeg seed, Myristica fragrans Houtt. Mace is yellowish-tan to . well, mace comes from the same fruit as clove so Id say a whole clove or two would do it. Mace is part of the nutmeg spice, not cloves.