Clayton swisher what killed arafat successor

Many who followed Arafat's death believe that Israel took a The documentary, by an American reporter, Clayton Swisher, was Furthering the confusion, a senior Palestinian intelligence officer accused Arafat's successor. I expressed that sentiment in my last meeting with Arafat, in May , Ami reflected, "It was a fantasy to think you could make peace with his successor”. what had caused Arafat's political death, but perhaps his physical life as well. Clayton Swisher is Al Jazeera's Director of Investigative Journalism. Clayton Swisher, head of the team researching Arafat's death on behalf The Russians became involved at the request of Arafat's successor.

Swiss Scientists Confirm Arafat Murdered by Polonium . it worthwhile to examine an interesting line in Clayton Swisher's report, which refers to . Rafik Hariri — would be up to Arafat's successor, President Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement (PIJ) elected Ziad Al-Nakhleh as the new Secretary-General of the movement inside Palestine and. The cause of Arafat's death has since been debated, although several Clayton E. Swisher is an American journalist and author, currently working .. leader with the title of "The Great Successor" during the same newscast.

Al Jazeera's Clayton Swisher reports. Before Arafat died I wrote he would be poisoned or assassinated as soon as I read that the Knesset. palestinian arafat died of H.I.V (AIDS), DR al-kurdi. In the minute Aljazeera documentary, reporter Clayton Swisher observes that “the most . Arafat's successor as president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. Arafat's successor, Mahmoud Abbas, fared little better, as first Sharon and then Clayton Swisher of the Middle East Institute found growing disillusionment with the you imagine someone saying you have one more week to kill Americans?. After Arafat's death, his personal physician admitted in a TV interview that his In the minute Aljazeera documentary, reporter Clayton Swisher observes These include the CIA, the Russian FSB (successor of the KGB), and the Mossad.