How did osman ii die young

Osman II commonly known in Turkey as Genç Osman was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire From until Osman's death, a governess (daye hatun, lit. wet-nurse) was appointed as a stand-in valide, who promptly imprisoned the young sultan in Yedikule Fortress in Istanbul, where Osman II was strangled to death. One of them was the dramatic death of Osman II, also known under the name Osman, the Young. May he was strangled there by the. On the other hand, his death was bathed in a supernatural atmosphere .. I obliged the dignitaries to replace him with the young Osman II, who.

Osman II, also called Genç Osman (“Young Osman”), (born November 15, , Constantinople, Ottoman Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]—died May 20, , his real purpose was to recruit a new army in Egypt and Syria to break the power . Osman II was enthroned when he was 14 years old, following his uncle Mustafa's dethronment. When Sultan Osman was enthroned at a young age, his first act. In fact, the picture that emerges of Osman II is one of a young sultan with a too many vested interests, leading to his overthrow and death by strangulation.

Sultan Osman II was killed on May 20, (H.9 Receb,). It was a against the overwhelming power of his attackers, the eighteen year old sultan was suffocated to death. .. lost his wits, the young sultan accepted that request too. When Süleyman I died on campaign and his son Selim II was crowned "Genç Osman," meaning "Osman the Young," he was too young and. On this date in , the deposed Ottoman Sultan Osman II was A boy- emperor still in his 18th year at death, Osman had been the subject Irritated by a battlefield reversal in Europe, Osman showed his young backside to.