How should a blazer fit length

Celebrity Menswear Stylist, Ashley Weston, shows you how should a blazer fit for every guy, regardless Suit-Jacket-Length-Ashley-Weston-Mens-Clothing-Fit-. How a suit should fit your body -- the complete visual guide. The seam on top of the shoulder should be the same length as the bone under it. How a Blazer Should Really Fit The perfect blazer can be a tricky item to fit. between regular and long, it's time to think about how to truly size your blazer.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when fitting a blazer. If you must make sacrifices, make them somewhere else (sleeve length for example). To know how a blazer should fit, it helps to know your measurements. Just like how a dress shirt should fit, need to know your sleeve length and. To check for fit around your torso, make sure the appropriate buttons are fastened . Concerning length, the blazer should be proportional to your.

This is the most important measurement to take when you're buying either an off- the-rack or a tailored blazer, as it determines the fit and the size of your blazer. There are a few extra things to consider when trying on an unstructured blazer. Here's what you need to know about nailing the fit. image.