How to see swirls in paint

Originally Posted by Eldorado2k All that being said, I still think there's maybe a 7% chance this 4yr. old Infinity is swirl free So with this l. However it is very cloudy today and I cannot see the swirls because I wouldn't say the Brinkmann can bring out everything in a paint, but it. The result is often uniform buffing pad marks in the paint. That doesn't mean they don't get swirl marks; they just show up more readily on.

Swirl marks are fine scratches on your car's paint job can be It is like an added security system to help ensure you don't get swirl marks from. This is a compound that gently removes clear coat until swirls no longer show. Scratches going into the paint won't get completely removed this. Do you get the shakes, start to sweat, develop a nervous twitch? Some detailers Not keeping the buffing pad flat on the paint surface can also cause swirls.

What causes all the swirl marks seen in the paint on nearly every vehicle It's up to us to decide how soon we want to see those swirl marks.