What if the bull wins

I think that there may be two ways in which a bull may be considered to win: 1. The bull is pardoned (indulto). In this case as Lisa says the bull will be freed and . Another, Georgina Hill, said: "Bull fighting not only cruel but unjust - if Bull wins, should fight on, take out the next preening matador.". Two bulls took out three bullfighters in Spain's top annual bullfighting festival, but still lost in the end.

He gets out of the ring alive. What happens then is no longer technically part of the sport, but often times the bull gets killed. But what is the price for the bull if he wins? I asked some people but someone I feel like they've been making fun of me when answering "he. Spanish-style bullfighting, known as a corrida de toros fiesta, is practiced in Spain, where it . He also notes vision problems, unusual head movements, or if the bull favors a part of the ring called a querencia, or territory. . en hombros is only available to a matador that wins a total of three trofeos between his two bulls .

When a matador is learning, he will practice with a person who impersonates the bull. It's "much nicer to do that if [the bull stand-in] can hold a. Asked if he would risk breaking the law by killing a bull again in Portugal, he declined to answer. But people who know him say he would do it if.