What is a lunate tail

A lunate tail is not advantageous for bottom-dwelling species or those that depend on their maneuverability for their survival, but it is an ideal design for. The non-uniform motion of a thin wing of finite-aspect ratio, with rounded leading edge and sharp trailing edge, executing heaving and pitching oscillations at. Lunate definition, being in the shape of a crescent; crescent-shaped. The chief distinction lies in the lunate tail, which has a keel on either side at base, as in.

The theory of an oscillating, high-aspect-ratio, lifting surface with a curved centreline (Cheng & Murillo ) is applied to a performance analysis of lunate- tail. This paper investigates the propulsive performance of the lunate tails of aquatic animals achieving high propulsive efficiency (the. Lunate-tail swimming propulsion. Part 2. Performance analysis - Volume - G. Karpouzian, G. Spedding, H. K. Cheng.

Types of Fish Tail Fins. One means of identifying fish is by the shape of their tail ( caudal) fins. It is a "tell-tail" indicator. (Lunate fin). Trout (Emarginate fin). lunate tail definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'lunated', lunulate',Luna',lune', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary. Based on our results, the caudal fin in carangi-form mode has greater thrust, and the lunate tail fin in thunniform mode has higher efficiency. These findings are.