What is fimming cannabis plant

Push your marijuana into maximum overdrive with high yield pruning methods. This one is all about Topping and Fimming cannabis plants. Fimming, from the acronym FIM ("fuck, I missed!") is a term used to refer to a specific trimming or pruning method used on marijuana plants during their growth . Fimming is a marijuana training technique which encourages bushy growth, Fimming marijuana plants is a technique that has developed from people's.

Topping a cannabis plant neatly with scissors by completely removing the tip from the main shoot gives rise to two new main colas. Fimming usually gives rise to. by Sirius Fourside. FIMing: The act of pinching or cutting a young cannabis plant in such a way as to force it to grow 4 main colas instead of one. FIM is used as a. Because of this, cannabis plant training techniques (like topping and fimming) are especially effective at increasing yields in indoor grow setups. Topping and.

A definitive guide to fimming and topping marijuana plants. How to use topping method for growing marijuana plants. Increase yield by topping. When growing Marijuana, if you have plants that are growing tall and quickly then fimming actually promotes bushy plants and focuses the.